Researching about a prospective employer is always crucial. Here are a few companies you may want to consider for good work environment, competitive salary, and optimal work/life balance. This list contains companies from across the career spectrum, so you’ll probably find one for you! Expedia Expedia is an online travel agency that is popular worldwide. It offers flight and hotel bookings as well as tours. Employees of this company are given great benefits and the salary is also reportedly good, leaving employees satisfied and gushing…Continue Reading “TOP 5 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN THE UK”


Congratulations! You just got called in for an interview! Now, before you go off to wow your interviewer with your amazing skills, there are a few things to remember to be prepared and land that job. As I’ve mentioned in another blog post, researching your employer or interviewer is the single most important thing you could do to prepare for the interview. But that won’t be enough if you are not prepared to communicate effectively and fluently with your interviewer. So here are a few…Continue Reading “SURVIVING YOUR FIRST INTERVIEW: THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY”


So, you’ve been called in for an interview? Good for you! I’m sure you’ve heard it before: researching your future employer or interviewer is essential to be a stand-out candidate. These days, however, doing your homework before an interview is a must just to keep up and stay in the shortlist. The information is widely available on the Internet so there really is no reason for you not to. First and foremost, it is crucial to find out more about an organization as it may…Continue Reading “RESEARCHING YOUR EMPLOYER – HOW AND WHY?”